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UPPSC AE Technical Quiz 4

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Question 1

The below set of instructions are processed by 8085.

LXI H, 1234 H





What will be the contents of HL pair and Top of stack after execution?

Question 2

The safe operating area of a BJT is shown in the curve below during forward biasing. Which segment shows the secondary breakdown limit?

Question 3

What is the change in output voltage of a single-phase full converter fed from 230V, 50 Hz source when the load current is 10A and source inductance is 5mH?

Question 4

A capacitor-start single-phase induction motor is used for:

Question 5

In an HVDC transmission mode, the link which has two circuits that are almost independent of each other is called

Question 6

The rate of rise of re-strikling voltage (RRRV) is dependent upon

Question 7

What is the power contained in SSB transmission when the carrier power is 1 kW and the modulation index is 0.3?

Question 8

A flip flop is also called as

Question 9

A 6 poles, 50Hz, 3- ϕ IM has negligible stator impedance. The rotor resistance and reactance are 0.2 and 3.0 respectively. The speed of the motor is 950 RPM.

The running power factor motor is:

Question 10

The number of XOR gates when full added circuit is implemented by using XOR and NAND gates only is
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