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UPPSC AE Technical Quiz 1

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Question 1

In the circuit shown in the figure below, find the power (maximum) absorbed by the load resistor RL is ______ (in watts).

Question 2

In the circuit shown below open circuit parameters z11 and z21 are respectively.

Question 3

The transfer function of a phase compensator is given by where a > 1 and T > 0. The maximum phase shift provided by such compensator is

Question 4

A system is described by the following differential equation

The state variables are given as x1 = y and the state variable representation of the system is

Question 5

A parallel plate capacitor with plate area of 7cm2 and plate separation of 5mm has a voltage of 60sin103t is applied to its plate. The required displacement current….(nA). Assume o

Question 6

Why is ring main distribution system preferred to a radial system?

1) Voltage drop in the feeder is less

2) Power factor is higher

3) Supply is more reliable

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 7

A 60 Hz 320 km lossless line has sending end voltage 1.0 p.u. The receiving end voltage on no load is

Question 8

The CRO has a rise time 20 nsec. The rise time of a signal measured by this CRO is 25 msec. The true rise time of signals ___________nsec.

Question 9

A 3-phase induction motor draws 50 kW from a 200 V, 50 Hz mains. The rotor emf makes 100 oscillations minute. If the stator losses are 2 kW the rotor copper loss would be

Question 10

Starting torque can be obtained in the case of a single-phase induction motor with identical main and auxiliary windings by connecting
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