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UPPSC AE Technical Paper 1 Quiz 3

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Question 1

The Y parameter of a two port network is given by :

1 ohm resistor is now connected across previous network. The new [y] parameter will be

Question 2

In a series RLC circuit shown, the equivalent expression for current at voltage source is:

Question 3

What are the advantages of switching power supplies over linear power supplies?
1. The devices operate in linear/active region.
2. The devices operate as switches.
3. Power losses are less.
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 4

One single-phase energy meter operating on 230 V and 5 A for 5 hours makes 1940 revolutions. Meter constant is 400 rev/kWh. The factor of the load is

Question 5

The resistance switching used in air blast breakers has the purpose of

Question 6

In a 3-core conductor cable, the capacitances are found as: 20 µf between the sheath and three conductors connected and 8 µf between conductor and two other conductors connected to the sheath. The capacitance to neutral is

Question 7

Consider the following properties attributed to state model of a system:
1) State model is unique.
2) Transfer function for the system is unique.
3) State model can be derived from transfer function of the system.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 8

Consider a feedback system with the characteristic equation

 for root locus.

The angles of asymptotes ϕA and the centroid of the asymptotes –σA are respectively

Question 9

A conductor 2 metre long lies along the Z-axis with a current of 10 A in direction. If the magnetic field is the force on the conductor is

Question 10

The main objectives of load frequency control in a power system are
1) To bring the steady state error to zero after load change.
2) To maintain the net tie-line flow.
3) To maintain voltages on all buses.
4) To economize the cost of generation.
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