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UPPSC AE (Paper-2): Rivision Quiz 3

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Question 1

Wake always occurs _________.

Question 2

Intensity of irrigation ________.

Question 3

A rectangular channel of cross-sectional dimensions 15 x 9 m is running at one third. What is the hydraulic radius (m) of the channel?

Question 4

Which of the following is the correct assumption of the Kennedy’s theory?

Question 5

Shear stress and velocity gradient for a Newtonian fluid are

Question 6

A catchment of area 100 ha received a rainfall of 10 cm in 2 h due to storm. At the outlet of the catchment, the stream draining the catchment was dry before the storm and experienced a runoff lasting for 8 h with an average discharge value of 2 m3/s. the stream was again dry after the runoff event. What is the loss of water?

Question 7

A Kaplan turbine develops 20,000 kW power at an average head of 50m. Assuming overall efficiency of 90%, what would be the discharge through the turbine.

Question 8

The conventional sign shown in the figure below represents a.

Question 9

If the R.L of a B.M. is 100 .00 m, the back-sight is 1.215 m and the foresight is 1 .870 m, the R.L. of the forward station is:

Question 10

For a 2D incompressible steady flow of fluid velocity V = (x2 – 2xy) i + v j. the velocity in y direction at (1,1) is 2 m/s. find total acceleration at (1,1) in m/s2.
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