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UPPSC AE (Paper-2): Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

A smooth two-dimensional flat plate is exposed to a wind velocity of 70 km per hour. If laminar boundary layer exists upto a value of Rex equal to 3 × 105 and kinematic viscosity of air = 1.49 × 10–5 m2/s, what would be the maximum distance upto which laminar boundary persists?

Question 2

If the specific capacity of a well is 1.166 L/s, then discharge from this well under a depression head of 2.5 m will be

Question 3

Which option is incorrect in case of free flooding?

Question 4

The runway length after correcting for elevation and temperature is 2530 m. If the effective gradient on runway is 0.5 percent then the revised runway length will be

Question 5

Calculate the apex distance, if the deflection angle is 60 degree and the degree of curve is 8 degree.

Question 6

1f the intercept on a vertical staff is observed as 0.75 m from a tacheometer with the line of sight horizontal, fitted with anallatic lens;the horizontal distance between the tacheometer and the staff station is

Question 7

What fraction of volume of solid piece of metal of specific gravity 6.20 floats above the surface of a container of Mercury with specific gravity of 13.60?

Question 8

The design flood commonly adopted in India for barrages and minor dams is

Question 9

The gross commanded area for a distributary is 6000 hectares, 80% of which is culturable irrigable. The intensity of irrigation for Kharif season is 25%. The area to be irrigated in Kharif season is ______ hectares.

Question 10

According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting is _____.
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