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UPPSC AE (Paper-2): Rivision Quiz 1

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Question 1

An angle of 45 ° with a chain line may be set out with _______.

Question 2

Choose the most correct statement for pipe in series problems:-

Question 3

For a catchment area of 120 km2, the equilibrium discharge in m3/hour of an S-curve obtained by the summation of 6 hour unit hydrograph is

Question 4

The base width of an elementary profile of a gravity dam of height H is b. The specific gravity of the material of the dam is G and uplift pressure coefficient is K. The correct relation tor no tension at the heel is given by

Question 5

Switch angle depends on

Question 6

Calculate the corrected staff reading at point A, if the staff reading is taken from an instrument which is set at a distance of 1.5 km from the point A 3.46

Question 7

In an area of heavy rainfall, a state highway of high-type bituminous surface with four lanes (14.0 m wide) is to be constructed. What will be the height of the crown of the road relative to the edges for a composite camber (i.e. middle half as parabolic and rest as straight lines)?

Question 8

The conventional sign shown in the figure below represents a

Question 9

To generate 8100 kW under a head of 81 m while working at a speed of 540 r.p.m., what type of turbine is suitable?

Question 10

The ‘surcharge storage’ in a dam reservoir is the volume of water stored between _____.
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