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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-9

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Question 1

A 20 cm centrifugal pump delivers 13.2 Ips at a head of 45 m when running at a speed of 1350 r.p.m. A similarly designed pump of 15 cm size runs at the same speed. What are the most likely values of discharge and delivery head serviced by this second pump?

Question 2

One liter of sewage, when allowed to settle for 30 minutes gives a sludge volume of 27 cm3. If the dry weight of this sludge is 3.0 grams, then its sludge volume index will be

Question 3

Sensitivity of a modular outlet is equal to

Question 4

The reception signal is

Question 5

A camera of focal length 15 cm is used to take images of the ground at an altitude of 2100m from the mean sea level. The size of the photograph is 25 cm × 25 cm. The ground is at 300 m from the sea level and the area of the ground is 108 sqkm. If the longitudinal overlap is 60% and the side lap is 40%, find the number of photographs required.

Question 6

Determine the number of impellers required for a multistage pump to lift 3840 liters per minute against a total head of 80 m at a speed of 700 r.p.m., given that the limiting Ns for each impeller is 700 units.

Question 7

which of the following statements relates to a retarding reservoir?

1) The high cost of gate installation and also its operation is saved.

2) There are no gates at the outlets and hence the possibility of human error in reservoir operation is eliminated.

Question 8

If the sediment size is 0.81 mm the silt factor will be:-

Question 9

The maximum super elevation to be provided on a road curve is 1 in 15. If the rate of change of super elevation is specified as 1 in 120 and the road width including widening is 12 m then the minimum length of the transition curve is (when the outer edge is raised with respect to inner edge)

Question 10

Among various stages of survey in highway alignment, the correct sequence is
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