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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-7: Revision Quiz 15

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Question 1

A liquid compressed in a cylinder has a volume of 1000 cm3 at 2MN/m2 and a volume of 993 cm3 at 3.3 MN/m2. What is the bulk modulus of elasticity?

Question 2

At Delhi, a maximum rainfall depth of 15 cm in 12 h has a return period of 50 years. The probability of a 12 h rainfall of magnitude equal to or greater than 15 cm will occur in the next year

Question 3

Velocity component u = (λxy3 – x2y), v = xy2 – 6y4, then the value of λ for possible flow field involving steady incompressible flow is

Question 4

A direct runoff hydrograph due to an isolated storm was triangular in shape with a base of 60 hours and a peak of 100 m3/s. If the catchment area is 600 km2, the effective rainfall of the storm is

Question 5

In order to replace a compound pipe by a new pipe, the pipes will be equivalent when following are same for both the pipes.

Question 6

The combined correction for curvature and refraction for a distance of 3400 m will be nearly

Question 7

Consider the following characteristics of contours:
1) A uniform slope is indicated when contour lines are uniformly spaced.
2) Contour lines cannot end anywhere but can close on themselves.
3) A set of closed contours indicates a depression or a summit, according to the lower or higher values being respectively inward.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 8

For minor adjustments of horizontal angles measured using a theodolite, the tangential screw is adjusted after

Question 9

In a city with a population of 70000, water is drawn for domestic purpose from a bell mouth intake in a canal which runs only for 8.4 hours a day with flow depth of 1.5 m. If the average consumption per person is 120 lpd, then the intake load is:

Question 10

A septic tank of 7 m3 in volume serves 5 people. If the rate of accumulation of sludge is 70 litres per capita per year and sludge is removed when it occupies 50% of its volume, what is the cleaning interval of septic tank?
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