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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-6

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Question 1

A diamagnetic material in a magnetic field moves:

Question 2

The state diagram of a sequential circuit shown below is a

Question 3

In a single pulse modulation of PWM inverters, the pulse width is 120°. For an input voltage of 220V dc, the rms value of output voltage is ____.

Question 4

Rotor Resistance and standstill reactance of a 3-Phase Induction machine are respectively 0.02ohm & 0.09ohm per phase. At normal voltage full load slip is 3%. The Power factor will be (approximately)

Question 5

The Runge-Kutta method of fourth order is used to solve the differential equation  with step size h. The solution at x = h is given by

Question 6

Direct memory access (DMA) facilitates data to move into and out of system_______.

Question 7

If the commutation angle of a diode rectifier (due to source inductance effect) is ‘μ’, then the inductive voltage regulation will be

Question 8

The root of the equation xex=1 between 0 and 1, obtained by using three iterations of Bisection method, is

Question 9

In which of the following fields, microwave does not have applications?

Question 10

The storage element for a static RAM is
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