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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-18

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Question 1

A liquid of density p and bulk modulus K flows with a mean velocity V in a long rigid pipe of diameter D. A sudden closure of a valve at the downstream end of the pipe will produce a maximum water hammer head of

Question 2

For a hydraulically efficient rectangular channel of bed width 5m, the hydraulic radius is

Question 3

A turbine develops 7225kW power under a head of 25 m at 135 rpm. The specific speed of the turbine will be nearly

Question 4

Statement (I): In channel routing storage is a function of both inflow and outflow discharge.

Statement (II): Muskingham method is a technique of channel routing.

Question 5

There are four rain gauge stations existing in the catchment of a river. The average annual rainfall varies at these stations are 650, 700, 450, 500 mm respectively. If it is desired to limit the error in the mean value of rainfall in the catchment to 10% then the extra number of rain gauges to be installed are

Question 6

For night travel, the length of a valley curve should be such that, the head-light beam distance is the same as

Question 7

If q is the average sewage flow from a city of population P, the maximum sewage flow _____.

Question 8

The value of “C” of Indian type W.C. shown in the figure given below is

Question 9

Find pH of water if  ion concentration in water is

Question 10

A 100 cc of water sample passed through an empty dry filter paper whose initial weight found to be 1.234 g. after oven drying its final weight measured to be 1.246 gm. Find suspended solids in water in mg/l.
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