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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-17

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Question 1

A 6hr storm had 6cm of rainfall and direct runoff was 3 cm. If the  - index remains at the same value, the runoff due to 8 cm of rainfall in 8 hr in the catchment is

Question 2

Intensity of irrigation ________.

Question 3

If the root zone depth is 0.8 cm and field capacity is 30%, permanent wilting =15%, and density of soil=1.5gm/cc, the consumptive use for the crop is 5mm/day, and only 60% of available moisture is permitted, then the frequency of irrigation should be:

Question 4

Given that the base period is 100 days and the duty of the canal is 1000 hectares per cumecs, the depth of water will be

Question 5

If the stopping distance and average length of a vehicle are 18 m and 6 m respectively, then the theoretical maximum capacity (vehicles per hour) of a traffic lane at a speed of 10 m/sec is (f=0.35)

Question 6

The least suitable water for irrigation is

Question 7

Calculate the horizontal distance between the staff and instrument, if the staff readings are 1.4 m and 2.9m, which corresponds to lower and the upper horizontal lines of cross hair. The lens of the telescope of the tachometer is of anallactic lens.

Question 8

A soil has an exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) of 13%. Its electrical conductivity (EC) is 450 mho/cm and pH of the soil is 8.2. then the soil is classified as

Question 9

According to Koshla’s theory of independent variables for seepage below hydraulic structure,
The exit gradient in the absence of downstream sheet pile is

Question 10

Reaction time of driver increases with
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