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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-16

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Question 1

The rate of rise of re-strikling voltage (RRRV) is dependent upon

Question 2

Which is the main relay for protecting up to 90% of the transmission line-length in the forward direction?

Question 3

Turn-ON of a Thyristor takes place when

Question 4

The circulating current inductor is required in a dual converter to

Question 5

A Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) is normally employed when

Question 6

The technique in which, the digital data modulates the frequency of the carrier, is:

Question 7

A 360 W carrier is simultaneously modulated by two audio waves with modulation percentages of 55 and 65 respectively. The effective modulation index and the total power radiated are

Question 8

Which of the following are the advantages of using a stepper motor?

Question 9

A relay is connected to a 400/5 current transformer and set for 120 %. The primary fault current is 1800 A need a plug setting multiplier of

Question 10

SF6 gas has excellent heat transfer properties because of
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