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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-14

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Question 1

The expression for reverse recovery time of a power diode is given by:

Where, = Reverse recovery charge

S = Softness factor

= Rate of change of reverse current

Question 2

One of the main functions of RF stage amplifier in Super Heterodyne Radio Receiver is to

Question 3

A permanent magnet stepper motor with 8 poles in stator and 6 poles in rotor will have a step angle of

Question 4

A single phase half bridge inverter is operated from 50V dc source and supplies power to a resistive load. The total harmonic factor (THD) is?

Question 5

How many essential prime implicants are there in the given k-map?

Question 6

The below program is processed by 8085 microprocessor

LXI H, 7034H


MVI A, 50H


What will be the contents of Flag register?

Question 7

Floating terminal in ECL (Emitter coupled logic) is treated as

Question 8

Harmonic restrain is used in transformers protection against

Question 9

The interrupting time of a circuit breaker is the period between the instant of

Question 10

Consider a 4 pole, 50 Hz 3- ϕ IM with negligible stator impedance and negligible mechanical losses. It runs at speed of 1440 RPM. The value of efficiency of motor will be:
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