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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-14

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Question 1

Springs sometimes discharge hot water due to the presence of

Question 2

A soil has an exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) of 13%. Its electrical conductivity (EC) is 450 mho/cm and pH of the soil is 8.2. then the soil is classified as

Question 3

If the load, warping and frictional stresses in a cement concrete slab are 200 N/mm2, 300 N/mm2 and 20 N/mm2 respectively, the critical combination of stresses during summer mid-day is

Question 4

If the capillary rise of water in a 1 mm diameter tube is 3 cm, the height of capillary rise of water in a 0.2 mm diameter tube in centimeter will be

Question 5

Pipes, preferred for carrying polluted sewage and industrial wastes:

Question 6

For optimum digestion, C/N ratio of the material should be between

Question 7

If h is the difference in height between end points of a chain of length the required slope correction is ______.

Question 8

If in a Dorry abrasion test the loss in weight is 18 gm, then the coefficient of hardness is

Question 9

At a particular area, pan evaporation for the January month is 9.5 cm. For a stage growth of 40% of the wheat crop, the consumptive use is 0.52. Then the daily consumptive use of the wheat crop corresponding to the 40% of stage growth for the January month:

Question 10

Calculate the total correction (m) required, if a line measured using 20 m chain is 2380 m. Actual length of the chain is 20.2 m.
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