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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-12

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Question 1

In open channel flows, the characteristic length commonly used in defining the Reynolds number is the

Question 2

The motion of air mass in a tornado is a _______.

Question 3

The precipitation caused due to upward movement of the air that is warmer than its surroundings

Question 4

According to Indian standards, the number of raingauge stations for an area of 10400 km2 in plains should be

Question 5

The number of revolutions of a current meter in 60 seconds was found to be 12 and 30 when the velocity of flow was 0.30 m/s and 0.45 m/s respectively. What are the current meter coefficients?

Question 6

A mixed liquor with 2500 mg/l of suspended solids has the settled volume of 225 ml from a liter of this mixed liquor. Its sludge volume index is

Question 7

The suitable layout of distribution system for a city with roads of rectangular pattern is

Question 8

Which of the following would represent the surface of the water level of a still lake?

Question 9

If the standard deviation of the spot speed of vehicles in a highway is 8.8 kmph and the mean speed of the vehicles is 33 kmph, the coefficient of variation in speed is:

Question 10

Given data

Total aggregate sample weight = 500 gm

Weight of flaky aggregate = 60 gm

Weight of elongated aggregate = 20 gm

Find FI + EI?

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