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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-12

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Question 1

In a power circuit of 5KV, 6 thyristors each of rating 900 V are connected in series. What is the percentage series dreading factor?

Question 2

Which of the following load will have better power factor when connected to single pulse rectifier?

Question 3

The neutral of 10MVA, 11kV alternator is earthed through a resistance of 6Ω. The earth fault relay is set to operate at 2A . The CT’s have a ratio of 400/5 . What percentage of the alternate winding is protected?

Question 4

Which relay is used to detect and protect internal faults in a transformer?

Question 5

The rotor power output of a 3-phase IM is 12 kW and the corresponding slip is 4%. the rotor ohmic loss will be:

Question 6

A 6-pole, 3-phase IM is supplied from a 60 Hz supply. Rotor resistance and reactance are 1.2 Ω and 15 Ω per phase respectively. Neglecting stator impedance, the speed at which it will develop maximum torque will be:

Question 7

A 4-bit ripple counter and a 4-bit synchronous (parallel) counter are made using flipflops each with propagation delay of 20ns. If one more flipflop is added and converted them as 5-bit counters, determine the  for the mod-32 ripple and parallel counters respectively.

Question 8

The critical field of a material is 104 A/m at 10K and 2 × 105 A/m at absolute zero temperature. Find the transition temperature of the element.

Question 9

The reflection coefficient of 2 port network is 0.5, the return loss in the network is

Question 10

The solution of the differential equation is:

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