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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-11

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Question 1

In a step-down chopper with supply voltage of 100 V and duty ratio of 0.4. The load indicator is 0.5 mH and switching frequency of 20 kHz. the value of load resistance at the point of discontinuous operation will be:

Question 2

In a voltage commutation chopper circuit, the chopper operates at 400Hz and 50% duty cycle. The load current remains ripple free at 10 A. Assuming input voltage to be 250 V and commutating inductance and capacitance of 1 mH and 5µF. The turn off time of thyristor will be:

Question 3

A fault current 1000 A is passing on the primary side of 400/5 C.T. On the secondary side of C.T, current relay is connected whose plug sitting is 75%. The plug setting multiplier will be:

Question 4

Which of the following method is used to decrease ratio and phase angle error in current transformer?

Question 5

A 3-phase IM takes 60 A as starting current (short circuit current). When started with star-delta starter, the motor will take from supply mains a current of

Question 6

The slip of 5th harmonic wave in supply in a 3-phase induction machine is:

Question 7

The Combinational logic circuit shown is the given figure has an output Q which is

Question 8

A material which has zero resistivity is:

Question 9

In an AM system, for satisfactory operation carrier frequency must be n times the bandwidth of message signal. What is the value of n?

Question 10

By Simpson’s one third rule, the value of

 is (When, n = 4)

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