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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-10

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Question 1

NBFM generation does not require

Question 2

Envelope detector is a/an_____

Question 3

Magnetostriction is the effect produced when change of magnetization in magnetic material results in

Question 4

If V=f(x,y) is homogeneous function in x,y of degree n where is

Question 5

The Newton Raphson method converges fast if f’ (x)

Question 6

A single phase Hysteresis motor

Question 7

The height priority of interrupt is 8085 microprocessor system is

Question 8

Main bus bar protection scheme is /are for?

Question 9

Gray code of 1111011 is

Question 10

A triac is a bidirectional power device. Its construction is shown below.

Which of the following path is followed by the current when the triac is operating in the third quadrant?
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