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UPPSC AE Paper-2 Quiz-10

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Question 1

A drain carrying sewage of BOD = 200 mg/l and flow rate of 50 m3/s joins a river whose upstream BOD is 10 mg/l and flow rate is 500 m3/s. Assume immediate and complete mixing of drain with the river. What is the estimated downstream BOD of the river flow?

Question 2

Raw water is entering a treatment plant and contains 250 mg/l suspended solids. If 55% of these solids are removed in sedimentation then find the solids removed in sedimentation as sludge?

Question 3

A Kaplan turbine develops 20,000 kW power at an average head of 50m. Assuming overall efficiency of 90%, what would be the discharge through the turbine.

Question 4

At a given place when the magnetic declination was 4˚ eastward, magnetic bearing of a line was 86˚. Calculate the magnetic bearing when the declination was 2˚ westward.

Question 5

Statement 1: A magnetic needle suspended freely might not be aligned with the magnetic north.

Statement 2: Magnetic needle deviates from its path due to presence of magnetic substances nearby known as local attraction.

Question 6

During Traversing the magnetic meridian is established only at starting station and bearing of other lines are measured indirectly. This method of traversing is known as

Question 7

An advantage of the rise and fall method of field levelling as compared to the height of instrument method is

Question 8

Select the correct properties for a point where both the fore sight and back sight exist:

i. It is called a turning point.

ii. The position of the instrument changes.

iii. It improves accuracy in measurements

iv. The height of the instrument changes

Question 9

What is the time required for the ship moving at 29.3 kmph to reach a port if a person standing at the bow of the ship can see just the top of a lighthouse at the port? The height of the bow and the lighthouse from sea level are 9 m and 256 m respectively.

Question 10

What would be the diameter of a pelton wheel which is to be designed for a speed of 615 rpm and head 300 m. Take speed ratio = 0.42.
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