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UPPSC AE (Paper-1): Rivision Quiz 3

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Question 1

In laboratory, coefficient of permeability of soil is determined by one of the following methods:-

Question 2

The ratio of moment of inertia about the neutral axis to the distance of te most distant point of the section from the neutral axis is called ____.

Question 3

The fixed support in a real beam becomes in the conjugate beam as:-

Question 4

A fixed base symmetrical frame is shown in the figure write slope deflection equation for moment at B for member AB:

Question 5

The tolerance in the width of mould of a class I brick is about:

Question 6

The maximum tensile stress in a cantilever beam with concentrated load acting downwards on the span is caused at:

Question 7

In column Analogy method, the area of an analogous column for fixed beam of span ‘L’ and flexural rigidity ‘EI’ is taken as:-

Question 8

A type of bond in a brick masonry Consisting of alternate course of headers and stretchers, is called

Question 9

In PERT analysis of a project having large number of activities in its critical path, which of the following assumption is correct?

Question 10

Rankine’s formula is used for the analysis of steel compression member if the slenderness ratio () is:-
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