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UPPSC AE (Paper-1): Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

Calculate the annual depreciation (Rs.) of a machine having initial cost of Rs. 10,000. The scrapvalue is Rs. 1,000 and useful life of 30 years.

Question 2

The shape factor of standard rolled beam section varies from

Question 3

The advantage of prestressed concrete over an equivalent RCC member is

Question 4

The_________ soil transported by the gravitational forces

Question 5

Statement (I): The slope of bending moment curve at a point is equal to magnitude of shear force at the same point in a beam.

Statement (II): The change in S.F. between two cross-sections of beam due to distributed loading is equal to area of load intensity diagram between the two section.

Question 6

A saturated clay stratum of thickness 10 m, bounded on top and bottom by medium coarse sand layers, has a coefficient of consolidation of 0.002 cm2/s. If this stratum is subjected to loading, it is likely that it would undergo 50% of its primary consolidation in

Question 7

Two persons of equal weights are hanging by their hands from the ends of a rope hung over frictionless pulley. They begin to climb. One person can climb twice the speed of other, who gets to the top first?

Question 8

Independent displacement components at each joint of a rigid jointed plane frame are:

Question 9

In a rectangular element subjected to like principal tensile stresses p1 and p2 in two mutually perpendicular directions x and y, the maximum shear stress would occur along the:

Question 10

For a statically indeterminate pin jointed plane frame, the relation between number of ‘m’ and number of joints ‘j’ is expressed as:-
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