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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-9

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Question 1

If fckf is the characteristic strength of concrete then as per the Indian Standard (IS) 456 : 2000, the modulus of elasticity of concrete is

Question 2

A soil sample has liquid limit = 45%, plastic limit of 25%, shrinkage limit = 15% for natural water content of 30%, the consistency Index for the sample is:-

Question 3

How many constraints are there in a free-rotation support used in a planar system?

Question 4

A fixed beam AB is subjected to a triangular load varying from zero at end A to W per unit length at end B. The ratio of fixed end moment at B to A will be:

Question 5

A rigid frame detailed to provide good ductility and support for both lateral and gravity loads by flexural action is called:

Question 6

The most important purpose of frog in a brick is to :

Question 7

Physical life of an equipment is defined as

Question 8

In plate girders, the web plate is provided with stiffness when the ratio of clear depth of thickness of web is greater than:-

Question 9

The critical section for computing maximum bending moment for the design of isolated footings supporting a concrete column is (considering D as distance between the column face and the footing edge

Question 10

In laboratory, coefficient of permeability of soil is determined by one of the following methods:-
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