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Question 1

The yield stress of mild steel of normally rolled structural steel is about (in N/mm2):

Question 2

Span to effective depth ratio for a continuous beam with steel grade of Fe 415 should not be more than:-

Question 3

The permeability of a soil sample depends upon:-

Question 4

Rotation of Machine foundation about Y, Z and X axes are respectively known as:-

Question 5

A beam of rectangular cross-section is 100 mm wide and 200 mm deep. If the section is subjected to a shear force of 20 kN, then the maximum shear stress in the section is:

Question 6

Substitute frame method is used to analyse the building frame if the frame is subjected to _____.

Question 7

Expansion joint in masonry wall is provided when length of wall is greater than:

Question 8

A document containing detailed description of all the items of work together with their current rates is called:

Question 9

A solid steel plate having ultimate strength of 410 MPa, the design strength in rupture (N/mm2) is:

Question 10

A beam-column having overall depth and width is 550 mm and 250 mm. If torsional moment for this beam is 30 kN.m then twisting moment will be-
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