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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-7

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Question 1

The numbers of forward paths and individual loops in the signal flow graph as shown below respectively are

Question 2

An Owen bridge shown in figure is used for measurement of impedance of steel specimen in arm ab. For supply frequency of 4 kHz bridge attains balance with test specimen. Its other parameter are as follows
R3=60 Ω, R2 = 740 Ω, C2= 0.156 µF , C4= 0.2 µF

The value of effective impedance in arm ab will be

Question 3

In a series RLC resonant circuit, if the supply voltage, voltage across L and voltage across C are equal, then the circuit is in

Question 4

Which of the following is a SI unit for power?

Question 5

If magnetic flux through each turn of the coil consisting of 1000 turns is, where t is in seconds, then the induced emf in coil at is

Question 6

Consider the following statements regarding load flow methods:

1) The performance of gauss-siedel method is sensitive to the choice of slack bus.

2) The convergence of fast recouped load flow method is faster than Gauss siedel and Newton raphson methods.

3) Number of iterations in gauss siedel method can be reduced by using accelerating factor

Which of the following above statements are correct ?

Question 7

The nature of armature reaction for synchronous generator is

Question 8

An LTI system has impulse response. If the input to this system is, then the output is given by

Question 9

Which of the following functions is carried out by a commutator?

Question 10

A 400 V PMMC voltmeter is specified to be accurate in range of 2 % its value. The limiting error when the instrument is used to measure a voltage of 150 V is
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