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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-6: Revision Quiz 11

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Question 1

Consider the following statement associated with local shear failure of soils as compared to General shear failure.

1. Failure is sudden with well-defined ultimate load.

2. The failure occurs in highly compressible soils.

3. Failure is preceded by large settlement.

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 2

A block of mass 50 kg is supported by two springs of stiffnesses 5 kN/m and 7 kN/m arranged in series. The block is pulled 30 mm down from the position of equilibrium and then released. Presuming the resulting motion of block to be simple harmonic in character, its maximum acceleration is

Question 3

Principle of superposition is applicable when:

Question 4

If m is the number of members; r is reactions; and j is the number of joints then in case of a planar structure, 3m + r < 3j leads to

Question 5

A type of bond in a brick masonry Consisting of alternate course of headers and stretchers, is called

Question 6

For which of the following grades ordinary concrete is not used?

Question 7

At the time of initial tensioning, the maximum tensile stress immediately behind the anchorage shall not exceed

Question 8

A major beam in a building structure is known as

Question 9

A rolled steel joist is simply supported at its end and carries a uniformly distributed load which causes a maximum deflection of 10 mm and slope at the ends of 0.002 radian. The length of the joist will be

Question 10

Calculate the volume of earth work for an embankment of length L and width B. The mean depth of the embankment is D and side slope is S : 1) Using mid sectional area method.
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