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Question 1

Span to effective depth ratio for a continuous beam with steel grade of Fe 415 should not be more than:-

Question 2

The permeability of a soil sample depends upon:-

Question 3

Rotation of Machine foundation about Y, Z and X axes are respectively known as:-

Question 4

Section modulus for hollow circular section of outer diameter ‘D’ and inner diameter‘d’ is:-

Question 5

A truss deflection is to be calculated for a point ‘X’ using unit load method. Find the contribution to deflection by a truss member having details as below
Length = 8.00 m Area = 11.25 x 10-3 m2
Internal force resisted by member under actual loading condition = 450 kN (compression) modulus of elasticity = 200 x 106kN/m2
Internal force after unit load application = 0.0 kN

Question 6

How much is the covering capacity of cement paint?

Question 7

The relationship between the capital recovery factor and sinking fund factor in a uniform series of payment is given by

Question 8

Factor of safety is the ratio of

Question 9

Most common method of prestressing used for factory production is:

Question 10

If the value of uniformity coefficient of a soil sample is nearly equal to one. This sample will be designated as:-
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