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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz - 4

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Question 1

What is the capacitance when a capacitor carries a charge of 0.6 C at 30 V?

Question 2

A series R.L C. circuit is to be connected to an a.c source V(t) = Vm sin (ωt + Φ) volt. Which one of the following is correct?
The transient current will be absent if the source is connected at a time to such that

Question 3

The ability of a ferromagnetic material to withstand an external magnetic field without becoming demagnetized is called _______________

Question 4

The reverse saturation current at a temperature of for a PN junction which hasat is

Question 5

A control system is represented by the following block diagram.

For a unit step input, the steady state error is . The value of k is

Question 6

Which of the following are first order systems?

1) Thermometer

2) RC network

3) Pneumatic systems

4) Thermal system

5) Tachometer

Question 7

Why 3 single-phase transformers are preferred over one 3-phase transformers in hilly areas and underground mines.

i. Cost of 3 single-phase transformers is less.

ii. Transportation is easy

iii. Maintenance is easy.

Question 8

The necessary conditions for parallel operation of transformers are:

i. Same phase sequence

ii. Same voltage ratio and voltage rating.

iii. Relative phase difference should be same.

Question 9

Load encroachment in case of impedance relay is a _________Phenomenon.

Question 10

A potential difference of 200 mV across the terminals of a moving coil instrument gives a deflection of 10 mA. The shunt resistance required for a full scale deflection corresponding to 40 A is
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