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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-17

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Question 1

In the circuit shown in the figure, the current iL(t) is

Question 2

Calculate the power consumed in a three phase AC circuit in which the load is delta connected. The system is supplied by a line voltage of 400 V and supplying a phase current of 25 A at a power factor angle of 30o.

Question 3

Obtain the transfer function C(s)/R(s) for the given signal flow graph.

Question 4

The transfer function of a system is . For a unit step input to the system, the approximate settling time for 2% criterion is:

Question 5

In a synchronous motor the armature current Ia = 200 A at unity power factor, for the same power what will be the armature current at a power factor of 0.5.

Question 6

A resistance has nominal of 50 Ω. When it is measured, it’s value is 60 Ω. The % error is    .

Question 7

For the arrangement shown in figure, the value of unknown resistance is:

Question 8

the pu impedance of a line to 50 MVA, 132 KV base is 0.2 pu, the pu impedance to a 100 MVA, 165 KV will be:

Question 9

A Ge transistor with β = 100 has base to collector leakage transistor is connected for current for IB = 40 μA will lie:

Where: ICBO = 5 × 10–6

Question 10

For a conductor used in power transmission, skin effect depends.
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