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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-17

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Question 1

A truss containing ‘j’ joints and ‘m’ members, will be a simple truss if

Question 2

What does the influence line for Bending Moment indicate?
A) Bending moment at any section on the structure for a given positions of load.
B) Bending moment at given section for any positions of a point load.

Question 3

Air permeability method is used in which of the following test of cement?

Question 4

As water cement ratio increases, ________ also increases.

Question 5

Critical path is_____.

Question 6

For initial estimate for a beam design, the width is assumed

Question 7

A propped cantilever beam of span l and constant plastic moment capacity Mp carries a concentrated load at mid-span. The load at collapse will be

Question 8

In a Pre Stressed Concrete, the tensioning system may be classified into:

Question 9

Increases in fineness of cement

Question 10

Consider the following statement

When cement is tested for setting time on gauging, it shows quick setting. This phenomenon known as “Flash set” of cement. It is due to the presence of high

1) Tricalcium aluminate (C3A) in cement

2) Alkalis in cement

3) Tricalcium silicate (C3S) in cement

Which of these statements are correct.

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