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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-16

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Question 1

If the input to the circuit of figure is a sine wave. The output will be:

Question 2

A simple equivalent circuit of the two-terminal network shown in the figure is:

Question 3

A solenoid having cross-sectional area of 25 cm2. If solenoid has 80 primary turn/cm & 160 secondary turns over the circumference. Calculate the mutual inductance for the solenoid.

Question 4

Which of the following are advantages of using bundled conductors?

(i) Reduced Reactance

(ii) Reduced Voltage gradient

(iii) Reduced surge impedance

Question 5

In a four-unit insulator string, voltage across the lowest unit is 20kV and string efficiency is 85%.

The transmission lines voltage, will be:

Question 6

Which relay is used for the protection of electrical machines against overheating?

Question 7

The results of a slip test for determining direct axis (Xd) and quadrature axis

(Xs) reactance of a star connected salient pole are given below.

Phase value:

Vmax = 150V Imax =12 A

Vmin = 90V Imin =9 A

Hence the value of both reactance will be:

Question 8

For a single phase 440/110 V transformer having input on primary side at no load is 100 W. The low voltage winding is kept open & the no load power factor is 0.4. Determine the active & reactive component of current at no load condition?

Question 9

A single-phase energy meter which is designed to make 120 revolution for one unit of energy. What will be the number of revolution when a load connected to the energy meter which carrying a current of 30 A at 220 V supply at a power factor of 0.8 lagging when the meter is running for 2 hour?

Question 10

In an A.C. bridge which is shown in figure below, if Z1 = 100 Ω, Z2 = (200 + j150) Ω & Z3 = (300 + j120) Ω, then find the unknown impedance Z4 if the bridge is in balanced condition.

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