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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-15

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Question 1

Pick up the correct statements from the following ________.

Question 2

Flash set of ordinary Portland cement paste is ______.

Question 3

The bending stress at the neutral axis and at the extreme fibre of a beam Cross Section is

Question 4

Two bars of different materials are of the same size and are subjected to same tensile forces. If the bars have unit elongations in the ratio of 4:7, then the ratio of modulus of
elasticity of the two materials is
A) 4:7
B) 4:10
C) 16:4 9

Question 5

The sag tie in a truss is mainly used to reduce?

Question 6

If steel reinforcement is provided in a beam having yield strength 230 MPa. The modulus of elasticity of steel is 200 GPa. Then maximum strain in tension reinforcement (As per LSM) in the section at shall not be less than:

Question 7

The maximum allowable percentage of tension reinforcement in R.C.C. beams is ______.

Question 8

A sand deposit has a porosity of 0.3 and its specific gravity is 2.5. The critical hydraulic gradient to cause sand boiling in the stratum will be

Question 9

The weight of a foundation is assumed as which of the following?

Question 10

The two criteria for the determination of allowable bearing capacity of a foundation are ______.
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