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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-14

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Question 1

An alternating current is given by the equation i = i1 cos ωt + i2 sin ωt. The rms current is given is given by

Question 2

The diagram shows a capacitor C and a resistor R connected in series to an AC source V1 and V2 are voltmeters and A is an ammeter.

Consider now following conditions:

I. Reading in A and V2 are always in phase

II. Reading in V1 ahead in phase with reading in V2.

III. Reading in A and V1 are always in phase

Which of these statements are/is correct?

Question 3

Electric Energy and Magnetic Energy are related to which of the following element respectively.

Question 4

In a transistor, which of following statement holds true?

Question 5

For a medium length transmission line, A is

Question 6

A DC shunt motor runs at 500rpm at 220V, a resistance of 4.5ohm is added in series with armature for speed control, Ra is 0.5ohm, what is the armature current during stalling?

Question 7

When a 2300/230 V, 50 KVA, 50 Hz transformer is connected as an auto-transformer to supply a 2300 V circuit from a 2530 V source. The KVA rating of auto transformer will be:

Question 8

The transfer function of a system is given as settling time is 4 sec (Assuming 2% tolerance band)

The frequency of damped oscillation is:

Question 9

An aquadag coating is used is a CRO to collect:

Question 10

When two signals are applied on two axis of CRO. The Lissajous pattern visible is shown below. If the frequency of signal on y-axis is 1 KHz. frequency of signal on x-axis is :

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