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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-14

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Question 1

Pozzolana react with ____ in the presence of water to form cementitious material?

Question 2

A member carrying compressive loads resulting from dead and imposed load should have maximum slenderness ratio equal to

Question 3

A column base is subjected to moment. If the bearing pressure due to axial load is equal to stress due to moment. Then bearing pressure between the base and the concrete is

Question 4

The gross bearing capacity of a 1.5 m wide strip footing at a depth of 1.0 m is 430 kN/m2. If  γ = 20 kN/m3, what is the net bearing capacity?

Question 5

Direct shear test can be conducted for:

Question 6

A sample of cement is said to be sound when it does not contain free

Question 7

Hardness of rock can be tested in situ using

Question 8

In a singly reinforced rectangular beam of Depth 300 mm M20 grade of concrete, if given beam is balanced section and depth of neutral axis lies at 120 mm, then according to working stress method the lever arm of the beam is equal to

Question 9

Flexibility matrix is always a

Question 10

The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings is known as
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