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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-13

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Question 1

For a statically indeterminate pin jointed plane frame, the relation between number of ‘m’ and number of joints ‘j’ is expressed as:-

Question 2

The stone whose crushing strength is maximum, is:

Question 3

Earnest money is generally asked to be deposited

Question 4

A cantilever carries a uniformly distributed load from fixed end to the mid-span in the first case and a UDL of same intensity from mid-span to the free end in the second case. The ratio of maximum deflections in the two cases is

Question 5

A rigid frame ABCD has AB member as overhang, with end ‘A’ being free. Supports C and D are fixed. DB is vertical member and BC is horizontal member. DB = BC = 5 m. If the moment equations are given by:

MDB = 0.4 EI θB, MBD = 0.8 EI θB

MBA = 54, MBC = –135 + 1.6 EI θB

MCB = 135 + 1.6 EI θB

rotation at B is given by:

Question 6

Which of the options given below are true about how the commonly used structural steels are made?
(a)Very low carbon steels, <0.1%
(b)Low carbon steel 0.1 to 0.25%
(c)Medium carbon steel 0.25 to 0.6%
(d)High carbon steel 0.6 to 1.1%

Question 7

The ‘Force – Majeure’ clause in a contract document generally refers to:

Question 8

According to Indian standard code IS 1343-1980. Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?

Question 9

The relationship between the specific gravity of sand (G) and the hydraulic gradient (i) to initiate quick condition in the sand layer having porosity of 30% is

Question 10

The results of a consolidation test on an undisturbed soil, sampled at a depth of 10 m below the ground level are as follows:
Saturated unit weight :
Pre-consolidation pressure : 90kPa
The water table was encountered at the ground level. Assuming the unit weight of water as the over-consolidation ratio of the soil is
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