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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-12

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Question 1

Find the Transfer function  of the system:

Question 2

Which of the following TF represents the Bode plot as shown in the Figure.

Question 3

The energy of the signal

f(t) = 2 u(t + 1) – 4 u(t) + 2 u(t – 1) is

Question 4

The state transition matrix for the system.


Question 5

When a BJT is employed as an “ON switch” it will operate in ………….region with collector-Base junction …………….. Bias.

Question 6

For given op-amp circuit, What will be the input resistance (Ri) needed to produce an output voltage of -8V is.

Question 7

If  represents magnetic field then –

Question 8

When a Transverse electromagnetic (TEM) wave is propagating in the y-direction than magnetic vector Hy equal to.

Question 9

An inductor designed with 400 turns coil wounds on an iron core of 16 cm2 cross section area and with a gap length of 1 mm. What will be the inductance of the coil?

Question 10

In Back to Back test on Transformers, the primaries and secondary are connected in the following manner-
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