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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-12

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Question 1

In given fig. a force P = 120 N is acting on the body of mass m = 24 kg. Body is resting on a plane inclined to ground at angle θ and . If body is prevented from slipping then the coefficient of friction (µ) is

Question 2

If the displacement field at a point in a body is linear. The expressions of displacement field are

u = 0.01x + 0.07 y +0.05z

v = -0.04x – 0.02z

w = 0.09y + 0.02z

Then strain in z- direction and shear strain in XY plane will be:-

Question 3

If and are the algebraic sums of the forces resolved horizontally and vertically respectively, and is the algebraic sum of the moments of forces about any point for the equilibrium of the body acted upon ________.

Question 4

A truss containing j joints and m members will be a simple truss if ________.

Question 5

If one cement bag has 0.035 m3 volume of cement, the number of bags required for one tonne of cement is_______.

Question 6

Terra cotta, in buildings, is used for ______.

Question 7

The centre to centre distance between two adjacent consecutive rivets in a line for plates of 10 mm thickness under axial compression:

Question 8

Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the reinforced concrete beam when depth of web in the beam exceeds

Question 9

If void ratio is 0.65 and specific gravity is 2.65 then the critical hydraulic gradient is

Question 10

If the width of the foundation for two equal columns is restricted, the shape of the footing generally adopted is
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