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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-11

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Question 1

Two rigid bodies of mass 5 kg and 4 kg are at rest on a frictionless surface until acted upon by a force of 36 kN as shown in figure. The contact force generated between the two bodies is

Question 2

The bending moment (M) is constant over a length segment (I) of a beam. The shearing force will also be constant over this length and is given by

Question 3

An axially loaded column is of 300 mm x 300 mm size. Effective length of column is 3m. What is the minimum eccentricity of the axial load for the column?

Question 4

An Arch may be subjected to?

Question 5

What is the actual size (mm) of the standard modular brick as per Indian Standards?

Question 6

What is the approximate cost of the complete labour as a percentage of the total cost of the building?

Question 7

For a standard 45o fillet, the ratio of size of filled to throat thickness is ______.

Question 8

What will be the design bending moment for limit state of collapse for a reinforced concrete beam, if it is subjected to following bending moments?

Dead load = 30 kN-m, Live load = 40 kN-m, Seismic Load = 10 kN-m.

Question 9

The compression in PSC is done by

Question 10

Bulking of sand is caused due to _____.
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