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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-11

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Question 1

A generating station supplies the following loads 15000KW, 12000KW, 8500KW, 6000KW and 450KW. The station has maximum demand of 22000KW. Calculate the diversity factor.

Question 2

If the span of a transmission line is increased by 10%, the sag of line.

Question 3

The making current of 3-phase breaker with rating 2000 MVA, 33KV will be.

Question 4

An overhead line having a surge impedance of 800 Ω is connected in series with an underground cable having a surge impedance of 200 Ω. If a surge of 50 kV travels from the line end towards the line cable junctions, the value of the transmitted voltage wave at the junction is.

Question 5

Let the signal x(t) have the Fourier transform X(w). Signal y(t) . Find out the Fourier Transform of y(t).

Question 6

Find the voltage across the capacitor at t = 0.4 sec.

Given Vc(0) = 0

Question 7

A moving coil instrument of 20 Ω resistance takes the maximum current 200 mA. The value of resistance required to connect with instrument to measure voltage up to 600V.

Question 8

An ammeter is having its deflecting torque varying as the square of the current passing through it. If a current of 10A produces a deflection of 45°. What amount of current among given below will cause the full scale deflection?

Question 9

The primary of a 500/5 A, 5 VA, CT Carries 200A and secondary carries 2.5 A. The ratio error of the CT is

Question 10

In the Force-Current analogy, Inductance L is corresponds into:
(Where K is spring constant)
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