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UPPSC AE Paper-1 Quiz-10

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Question 1

Given parallel RLC circuit is in resonance condition. What will be the selectivity of the given circuit?

|IL| = |IC| = 1500 A

Question 2

The number of KVL & KCL equations in a circuit having 5 nodes & 8 branches.

Question 3

Find out the correct statements:

(i) To synthesis a network having series combination of elements, we use Foster 1st form.

(ii) Foster first form of driving point impedance consists of parallel LC circuits.

Question 4

Determine the transfer function by the following difference equation:

y[n] – 3y[n + 1] = 2x [n + 1]

Question 5

Evaluate the integral:

Question 6

If the spacing between the conductor is decreased then the effect on inductance L and capacitance C of the line will be

Question 7

Series capacitor compensation is used in transmission lines to

Question 8

A single core cable has insulation resistance of 200 M Ω/Km. the insulation resistance of 10 km length is.

Question 9

The pu value of impedance is 0.4 pu at a base of 25 kV and 100 MVA. What will be the value of impedance at 33 kV and 100 MVA Base?

Question 10

Which statement is NOT true about solar energy?
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