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UPPSC AE EE Paper-2 Quiz 8

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Question 1

Calculate IE for a transistor that has αdc = 0.98 and Ib = 100 μA.

Question 2

The output signal of a common-collector amplifier always:

Question 3

In intrinsic semiconductors, the number of electrons is _______ the number of holes.

Question 4

A 4-bit-16 ripple counter uses J-K flip-flop. If the propagation delay of each flip-flop is 50 nanoseconds, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is equal to:

Question 5

A single binary digit is called:

Question 6

An SCR has ...... junctions:

Question 7

In a power circuit of 3 KV, four thyristors each of rating 800 V are connected in series. What is the percentage series derating factor?

Question 8

Triac are usually operated at:

Question 9

Which of the following acts as a covering and it provides protection and mechanical strength to all the inner parts of the induction motor?

Question 10

A three phase Induction Motor, six poles, 50 Hz is supplied by three phase source. The rotor rotates at 800 rpm. Calculate the slip.
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