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UPPSC AE EE Paper-2 Quiz 7

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Question 1

A two quadrant chopper has load voltage V0 and load current I0. The condition of its operation is:

Question 2

A buck converter having source voltage of 24 V is operating in discontinuous mode. The voltage waveform across the inductor is shown in figure. The output voltage is:

Question 3

To protect the power transformer (Y-Y with neutral grounded ) against fault, what type of connection do the CTs have?

Question 4

A Buchholz relay is used for:

Question 5

The voltage at induction motor rotor oscillates 180 times per minute. The stator frequency is 60 Hz. The slip of the motor is

Question 6

A 6 pole, 50 Hz 3- ϕ induction motor has negligible stator impedance. The rotor resistance and reactance are 0.5 Ω and 20 Ω respectively. The speed at which it will develop maximum torque.

Question 7

How many multiplexers of 4:1 are required to make a 16:1 multiplexer?

Question 8

Which of the following expressions is equivalent to ________.

Question 9

Which of the following is not a characteristic of AC Servo motor?

Question 10

Direction: Each of the question consist of two statements, one labeled as the ‘Statement (I)’ and the other as ‘Statement (II)’. Examine these two statements carefully and select the answer to these items using the codes given below:
Statement (I): Moving iron instruments are used in ac circuits only.
Statement (II): The deflecting torque in moving iron instruments depends on the square of the current.
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