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UPPSC AE EE Paper-1 Quiz 13

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Question 1

The nature of armature mmf for a zero power factor lagging load in a 3-phase alternator is

Question 2

A long shunt compound wound motor is having shunt field resistance, series field resistance and armature resistance of 300 Ω, 0.8 Ω and 0.6 Ω respectively. If the motor is drawing 60A at 500V, What is the voltage drop across series field resistance?

Question 3

Which parameters are used in Power system Modelling ?

Question 4

In a two port network having an input and output, the required s-matrix will be:

Question 5

What value of K, is the transfer function be act as unity static gain compensator?

Question 6

When the sinusoidal steady state current is called the symmetrical short circuit current, then the unidirectional transient component is called

Question 7

What happens when power factor is low,

Question 8

The per unit impedance of an element is 0.20 p.u. If the base kV and base MVA are doubled, the new per unit impedance will be

Question 9

A galvanometer has a current sensitivity of 1 μA/mm and a critical damping resistance of 1kΩ. The voltage sensitivity and the megaohm sensitivity respectively are

Question 10

A resistance strain gauge with a gauge factor of 2 is fastened to a steel member subjected to a stress of 1050 kg/cm2. The modulus of elasticity of steel is 2.1 × 106 kg/cm2. The change in resistance ∆R of the strain gauge element due to applied stress will be

Question 11

A resistance wire strain gauge with a gauge factor 2 is bonded to a steel structural member subjected to a stress of 100 MNm2. The modulus of elasticity of steel is 200 GNm2. The percentage change in the value of the gauge resistance due to the applied stress will be
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