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"Transportation Engineering & Surveying _Quiz 1 "

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Question 1

In speed and delay study, if the average journey time in a stretch of road length of 3.5 km is 7.55 minutes and the average stopped delay is 1.8 minutes, the average running speed will be nearly:

Question 2

Calculate the extra width of the pavement required on a horizontal curve of radius 300 m on a single lane highway, the design speed being 80 kmph. Assume wheel base length of 6m:

Question 3

Calculate the capacity (vehicle per hour) of the road when reaction time of the driver is 2 seconds. The design speed is 60 kmph and average length of the vehicle is 6.5 m. Take coefficient of friction as 0.30

Question 4

The magnitude of super-elevation provided in Indian Railways on Broad gauge is _______ (in m)

Question 5

A driver travelling at a speed of 80 kmph was sighted crossing an intersection. Calculate the amber time if the safe stopping sight distance is 115 m, length of vehicle is 4.6m and intersection width is 15 m?

Question 6

If the modulus of subgrade reaction of a standard plate of 30 m is 16kg/cm2, the value of a standard plate of 75 cm diameter is:

Question 7

A relatively fixed point of known elevation above datum is called ______.

Question 8

The fore bearings of the lines AB and BC are 40 and 120 respectively. The included angle between AB and BC is

Question 9

Widening of gauge is provided if degree of the curve is

Question 10

Calculate the error (in mm) in the linear measurement of offset, if the length of the offset is 80 m, then the accuracy in the measurement of the length is1 cm in
60 m.
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