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Transportation Engineering: Nuclear Quiz 3

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Question 1

Assertion(A): Parallel parking is the most convenient from the passing traffic point of view.

Reason(R): Parallel parking takes up a smaller part of the roadway.

Question 2

Which of the following statements are true about kerb parking?

i. Angle parking is favorable to the drivers.

ii. 90° angle parking is most favorable to drivers

Question 3

What is the theoretical capacity (in vehicle/hour/lane) of a traffic lane with one way traffic flow at a stream speed of 50 kmph?
[Assume the average space gap between vehicles to follow the relation Sg = 0.278 V.t. where 'V' is the stream speed in kmph, 't' is the average reaction time = 0.7 sec, average length of vehicles = 5.0 m]

Question 4

A linear relationship is observed between speed and density on a certain section of a highway. The free flow speed is observation to be 80 km per hour and the jam density is estimated as 100 vehicles per km length. Based on the above relationship, the maximum flow expected on this section and the speed at the maximum flow will respectively be

Question 5

The shape of the STOP sign according to IRC : 67 – 2001 is:

Question 6

For the movement of vehicles at an intersection of two roads without any interference, which type of grade separation is generally preferred?

Question 7

Arrange the following cutbacks in the order of increasing viscosity

Question 8

How many types of methods are there to design a flexible pavement?

Question 9

Radius of relative stiffness is proportional to

Question 10

Warping stresses in a cement concrete pavement are due to
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