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Total Probability & Bayes' Theorem Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at least 2 tails?

Question 2

A box contains 4 bad and 6 good tubes. Two tubes are drawn at a time from the box.The first tube found out to be good, then probability that the other one is also good is

Question 3

A speaks truth in 70% cases and B speaks truth in 85% cases. The probability that they speak the same fact is ______ .

Question 4

A bag contains 15 defective items and 35 non defective items. If three items are selected at random without replacement, what will be the probability that all three items are defective?

Question 5

A problem in statistics is given to four students A, B, C and D and their chances of solving it are respectively. The probability that the problem will be solved is _________.

Question 6

Suppose we have 2 bags. Bag 1 contains 3 black and 4 red marbles. Bag 2 contains 3 black and 6 red marbles. A person tosses a coin. If it shows head, he goes to bag 1, else bag 2 and draws a marble. If the marble drawn is black, then the probability that it comes from bag 1 will be _________.
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