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Thermal Stresses & Poisson's Ratio PYQ II Achievers Practice Quiz 2

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Question 1

If the value of Poisson’s ratio is zero, then it means that __________.

Question 2

A steel rod of length L and diameter D, fixed at both ends, is uniformly heated to a temperature rise of T. The Young’s modulus is E and the coefficient of linear expansion is α. The thermal stress in the rod is Δ

Question 3

What will be the thermal stress (in MPa) developed in a rod with both ends fixed  and having a diameter of 4 cm and length of 2 m,if experiences heating from temperature 50oC to 200oC. The coefficient of thermal expansion is α = 10 × 10-6/oC and young’s modulus is 250 GPa?

Question 4

A thin plate of uniform thickness is subject to pressure as shown in the figure below
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under the assumption or plane stress, which one or the following is correct?

Question 5

An initially stress-free massless elastic beam of length L and circular cross-section with diameter d (d << L) is held fixed between two walls as shown. The beam material has Young‟s modulus E and coefficient of thermal expansion

If the beam is slowly and uniformly heated, the temperature rise required to cause the beam to buckle is proportional to

Question 6

A steel cubic block of side 200 mm is subjected to hydrostatic pressure of 250 N/mm2. The elastic modulus is 2 × 105 N/mm2 and Poisson’s ratio is 0.3 for steel. The side of the block is reduced by __________mm (round off to two decimal places).

Question 7

A solid cube of side 1 m is kept at a room temperature of 32oC. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion of the cube material is 1 × 10-5 /oC and the bulk modulus is 200 GPa. If the cube is constrained all around and heated uniformly to 42oC, then the magnitude of volumetric (mean) stress (in MPa) induced due to heating is _________.
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