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Theories of failures Starter Quiz 1

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Question 1

The comparison of the theories of failure results in plotting various curves, as area bounded by the curve increases thus

Question 2

What will be the tensile yield strength if the factor of safety is taken as 2. The values of principle stresses σ1 = 35 MPa andσ2 = -115 MPa were calculated from the Mohr’s circle. Use Maximum distortion energy theory.

Question 3

Match the following Theories:

Question 4

Various Theories of Failure are derived and are used for the purpose. The theory highly recommended is

Question 5

A Particular section of steel shaft is subjected to maximum bending stress of 160 MPa and a maximum shear stress equal to 60 MPa. The yield point in tension of the material is 400 MPa. If maximum principal stress theory is used, the FOS will be _______.

Question 6

In an industrial application, FEA analysis was integrated with failure theories to design materials. So the equation derived or used for safe design is;

Question 7

For Von-mises theory ratio of has been taken as
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