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Theories of failures - Quiz Starter Quiz 2

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Question 1

Which of the following is correct safe boundary for given theories

Question 2

Rankine’s theory is good for____.

Question 3

Factor of safety (FOS or N) is correctly denoted by

Question 4

The principal stresses at a point in an elastic material are given to be: σ1 = s, σ2 = 2s, σ3 = 3s. The yield strength of the material is 210 MPa then the value of s at failure according to shear strain energy theory is __________.

Question 5

The most conservative theories among the prevalent theories of failure is :

Question 6

A 75 mm diameter shaft is subjected to pure torsion. The shear stress developed is 150 MPa. The yield strength of the shaft material is 350 MPa. Then the ratio of FOS acc. to von Mises Theory & FOS acc. to Tresca’s theory is______.

Question 7

The tensile yield strength of a material is 450 MPa. As per the Distortion energy theory, the shear yield strength of the material is ________ MPa
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