Social Science for TET Exams for TET Exams: Formulas, Study Notes, Quizzes, Tricks for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Social Studies is an important section in all the TET Exams including CTET, MPTET, State TET, and other teaching exams as well. Social Studies is the main subject in the CTET exam Paper-2. This is an interesting subject that can help candidates score well in major exams. Candidates must clear all their concepts in this subject to score well in the Social Science Section in TET Exams.

Social Studies Weightage In Different Exams

In teaching exam, Social Studies section is divided into two parts: the content part and pedagogy part. The Social Studies section comprises a total of 60 questions in most of the exam. The section is usually of 60 marks and this consists of 40 questions from the content section i.e. History, Geography and Political Science and the rest 20 questions are from the Social Studies Pedagogy section. While preparing for the exam, candidates must carefully check the weightage of Social Studies in all the teaching exams. Here is the weightage of Social Studies in different TET examinations:


Total Questions

Total Marks

CTET Paper 2



UPTET Paper 2



REET Paper 2



HP TET Paper 2



Topic-wise Distribution of Social Science in TET Exam

Social Studies is one of the very Important subjects in CTET, HTET, UPTET & Other teaching exams. Most of the candidates cannot score well in this section because of incomplete knowledge of the subject and lack of study material. Candidates must thus check the topics included in the section for proper preparation for the exam. This subject includes History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and Social Studies Pedagogy. The topic distribution of Social Science subjects is mentioned in the below table:

Topics Name

Number of Questions


6-7 Questions


3-4 Questions


7-8 Questions

Political Science

3-4 Questions

Social Science Pedagogy

12-15 Questions

Social Science Marks Distributions:

Check the Social Science marks distribution in the below table:

TET Exams

Number of Questions

Total Marks

Social Science Content


30 Marks

Social Science Pedagogy


Study Materials for Social Science Subject

Social Science is crucial subject for Paper 2 in most of the teaching exams. Candidates must prepare the subject with only the best study notes. The important study materials on Social Studies for upcoming CTET, UPTET, REET and other TET exams are included in the below table: 

Topic Name

Topic Name of Geography

Study Notes on Earth

Study Notes on Agriculture

Study Notes on Globe

Study Notes on Air and Atmosphere

Study notes on Water 

Study notes on transport

Study Notes on the Resources and their types

Topic Name of History

Study Notes on the Earliest Cities

Note on Chalukyas Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty

Notes on Buddhism & Jainism

Note on Delhi Sultanate

Note on Mughal Empire

Note on Viceroys of India

Note on European in India

Notes on Indian Independence & National Movement

Study Notes on First Farmers and Herders

Study Notes on The First Empire

Topic Name of Political Science

Note on Indian Constitution

Notes on Vice President of India

Notes on Democracy

Notes on Indian Judiciary

Notes of the Local Government system in India

Notes on State Government

Topic Name of Social Science Pedagogy

Teaching Learning Material in social Science Pedagogy

Problem related to Social Science teaching

Critical Thinking and Blooms Taxonomy

Classroom Process and Discourse Method of teaching

Study Notes on Concept & Nature of Social Studies Pedagogy

Study Notes on NCF 2005 for TET Exam

Concept & Teaching of Social Studies

Suggested Booklist of Social Science Subject for TET Exams

Here are some of the best books for the preparation of CTET, UPTET, REET, HTET, HPTET, and other STET Examinations. Check the list given below:

  • Social Studies (Complete Resource for TET Exams) by Pearson Publication
  • NCERT Textbooks from 6th to 9th Class
  • CTET Success Master by Arihant publications
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