Pedagogy of Language Development for Teaching Exams

By : Neha Joshi

Updated : Nov 18, 2020, 14:10

Pedagogy of Language Development study for tet exams is compulsory for all the aspiring students appearing in the government teaching exams. For a better understanding of this concept, you have to do Pedagogy of Language Development practice for tet exams daily. Practice will help you to clear your mind and eventually you will get a good score in the Pedagogy of Language Development teaching exam.

Before appearing for government teaching exams, you should know Pedagogy of Language Development meaning tet exams. In BYJU'S Exam Prep, you will get innumerable Pedagogy of Language Development questions for tet exams. These questions are very important to learn as these are the commonly asked questions in tet exams. ‘TET’ and ‘CTET’ are the compulsory exams for the students preparing for government teaching jobs.

Important Pedagogy of Language Development Approaches

There is five Pedagogy of Language Development approaches to develop communication skills among the learners. Try to prepare Pedagogy of Language Development short note for tet exams for having a clear understanding of these approaches. These approaches are:-



Behavioural Approach

Behaviourism is primarily concerned with the measurable and observable aspects of human behaviour.

Constructive Approach

Constructive Approach is the application of tools, modules, methods and techniques to motivate the creation of the learners.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach is primarily concerned with learning and teaching together in a group.

Integrative Approach

Integrative Approach refers to a person’s needs and personality and to combine the behavioural, affective, psychological and cognitive systems within one individual by mentioning the spiritual and social aspects of that individual.

Inquiry-based Learning Approach

Inquiry-based Learning Approach emphasises the role of the student in the learning process.

Tips to solve important Pedagogy of Language Development Questions

There are some easy tips to solve the Pedagogy of Language Development questions with answers for TET exams. We have mentioned these tips below:-

  • Collect the previous year’s question papers and try to do maximum revisions.
  • As there is no negative marking in these government teaching exams, so try to attempt all the questions to boost your score.
  • Before exams, attempt the Pedagogy of Language Development online test for TET exams as much as you can.
  • Pedagogy of Language Development quiz TET exams will also help you to score high in this section. By attempting quizzes sincerely you can easily clear all the Pedagogy of Language Development problems for TET exams.

Importance of Pedagogy of Language Development of Government Teaching Exams

Pedagogy of Language Development test for TET exams is very important to analyze the conceptual understanding of the student. Its importance in government teaching exams are mentioned below:-

  • Pedagogy of Language Development questions will determine the logical thinking capacity of a student.
  • Pedagogy of Language Development is helpful to know the teaching capacity of the student. Through this concept, it can find out how the aspirant will teach the students.
  • The questions from the Pedagogy of Language Development will help to understand better the teacher-student relationship.
  • Almost 60% of questions are asked in government teaching exams from this section to check the grammatical correctness of the English language of the aspirants.

Most Recommended books for Pedagogy of Language Development

To boost your preparation, we are mentioning here the names of a few important books from this section. These books are:-



CTET English Language and Pedagogy

Om Prakash

Gyan Singh

CTET English and Pedagogy

Geeta Sahni

Why prepare a Pedagogy of Language Development from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

Most of the students do not score good marks on this topic because of a lack of practice. Almost 60% of questions are asked from this section in government teaching exams so you must practice hard to score good marks. At BYJU'S Exam Prep, you will get Pedagogy of Language Development pdf for TET exams along with complete notes. These notes will be very helpful for all the students appearing in TET and CTET exams. Register on BYJU'S Exam Prep for free and get all the important notes from this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it difficult to attempt questions from Pedagogy of Language Development?

No, the questions from Pedagogy of Language Development can be easily solved with adequate practice.

2- How difficult it is to crack TET and CTET exams?

As the competition for these governments' teaching exams is very high so it is quite difficult to crack TET and CTET exams in one attempt.

3- What do you mean by Pedagogy of Language Development?

Pedagogy of Language Development means the communication of our ideas and thoughts are necessary for the development and survival of all human beings.

4- How many pedagogical approaches are there?

There are 5 pedagogical approaches in language development.

5- Mention one difference between Curriculum and Pedagogy?

Curriculum means what we teach and Pedagogy means how we teach.